Sidaco provides Autogas, the most widely used alternative fuel for road transport; powering more than 26 million vehicles worldwide in over 38 countries. The environmental benefits of Autogas, its practical advantages, safety and overall effectiveness have already been widely demonstrated:

Here is why we believe in using Auto Gas

Cleaner Air

Using Autogas means improving air quality, especially in urban areas with regular traffic. Autogas emits one of the lowest amounts of air-borne and noxious gases of all automotive fuels.

Fight Climate Change

Choosing Autogas diminishes climate change; it also has among the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of all commercially available fuels, when measured over its full life.

Money Efficient

Autogas is generally cheaper than gasoline, high mileage drivers know this and convert to autogas to save money within the first year of driving.

Enjoy Choices

Engines that run on clean efficient autogas are available worldwide with some models even supporting a dual fuel system, which allows drivers to fill both autogas and gasoline, depending on availability.

Increased Performance

Autogas is a high octane fuel allowing increased engine-power output and better efficiency, and reducing fuel consumption and engine wear and maintenance requirements. Autogas is also the best performing alternative fuel to start vehicles in cold climates. The performance and operational characteristics of autogas vehicles have proved to be better than traditional motor fuels or other alternative fuel options.

Guarantee Safety

Autogas can be as safe or even safer, than gasoline or diesel. The latest available technologies provide upgraded safety features, such as LPG tanks that are much stronger than comparable gasoline tanks and that can withstand high impact in the event of a collision. The new safety valves automatically shut if a leakage occurs in the fuel system, so that gas can no longer flow out of the tank. Autogas cars have a closed and environmentally sound fuel system that prevents fuel spillage and evaporation.

Advantages of business fleet

Business fleets are more profitable when operating on autogas and taking advantage of the convenience and lower costs associated with central refueling.